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I am a 21-year-old girl, grew up in a middle-class family from the Jhajjar district in Haryana who is passionate about writing the unexplored places. I am a medical student but dreaming of my career in travel blogging. Though I was somewhat a ‘Padhaku ‘ type student that thing doesn’t give me happiness. This blog is the true reason for my happiness. My rules are to Do what makes us happy and not care about “log kya change”. I also love drawing and painting. I became a travel blogger after fighting with depression.

Yes, I was in depression for nearly 14 months because of some wrong people and career choices. Then one day some questions arise in my mind. Why I am suffering and not happy? I always think about others, not myself. Why I always sacrifice my happiness? I took medicines also but nothing better happened. Then 4,5 days I spent time with my family, buycotted the phone, social media, my overthinking nature. These 5 days changed me completely then I woke up with my new dreams and passion of wandering, roaming, blogging because these things make me happy and help in fighting the deadly poisonous mental disorder i.e Depression.

Why Travel blogging?
Travel blogging was neither my hobby nor profession. Even I didn’t know what actually travel blogging was but two years back, I meet a travel blogger who was very passionate, hardworking about exploring the unexplored. Whenever he told me about his trips, blogs then I feel excited and start writing anything that comes in my mind. Sonner, I came to know that this field of travel blogging makes me happier than anything else. I love to write about the places, people, food wherever I visit. I have started this blog to share my stories with the world.

About Us

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