Humayun’s tomb-The most stunning piece of architecture in Delhi

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Humayun’s tomb is the first garden-tomb in the whole of Asia. It is called as ‘dormitory of Mughals’ because about 150 Mughal family members were buried there. Located on the bank of the river Yamuna, this is the first-ever structure to use red sandstone on such a large scale. It lies in the proximity of Nizamuddin Dargah

An overview of Humyaun and Humayun’s tomb

In 1555 Humayun, the second emperor of Hindustan regained his sultanate after a break up of the Sher Shah empire but could not rule it for a long time as he could not live long to rule over it. He died due to falling from the stairs of the first floor of the library in his Fort. After that, an out map of a beautiful tomb was designed that is a large mausoleum with great detail and sophistication! , the Humayun’s tomb. No such other tomb can compete that in the whole of Asia.

beautiful architecture of Humayun's tomb
Persian style double dome structure

The tomb of Humayun was built by the order of his son (Akbar) and his wife. The tomb was designed by a Persian architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyas. The construction of the tomb was started in 1565 AD and it took almost nine years to complete. It was completed in 1572. At that time it cost about 1.5 million rupees.

Humayun’s tomb is a Mughal architecture influenced by Persian, Indian and Turkish architectural style. This beautiful piece of Humayun’s tomb is a Mughal architecture influenced by Persian, Indian and Turkish architectural style. This beautiful piece of architecture is established in the area of 216000 metre square,raised 7 metre above the platform.

Humayun's tomb during evening
The tomb built by red sandstone

Who was Humayun?

Humayun was the eldest son of Babur. Though, Humayun means ‘fortune‘ but in reality, he was the most unfortunate emperor of the Mughal empire. He had three brothers and divided his property among the brothers – Kamran, Askari, and Hindal. In actuality, it was the biggest mistake of his life. He gave Kamran, Kabul, and Kandahar. Sambhal and Alwar were given to Askari and Hindal respectively.

Later Humayun conquered Gujarat from Bahadur Shah and made Askari as its governor. But Bahadur Shah recovered Gujarat. On the other side, Sher Shah Suri has become powerful. In the battle of Chausa in 1539, Suri destroyed the empire and Humayun run away from there. From there Humayun reached Agra to accomplish with his brothers. Then again in 1540, Humayun lost the battle of Bilgram and his kingdom against Sher Shah Suri.

Later Humayun could not conquer Bhakkar so he left India and lived under the Shah of Persia. The Shah of Persia promised to help by giving 14,000 troops but on a condition. The condition was Shia, a creed to have Shah name proclaimed in his Khutba and giving Khandar to him after conquering. With the help of the Persians, Humayun conquered Kandhar and Kabul but denied giving Kandhar to Persia. Then with the help of Safid ruler, he defeated his brothers. In 1555,he also defeated Afghan and recovered back the throne.

After six months in 1556, he died falling from his stairs of his library .He was a good person but not a good warrior.

Read more about Humayun here.

Architecture of Humayun’s tomb

The Humayun’s tomb was influenced by the Persian style of architecture. It is the first Persian structure that incorporates a double dome structure which is 42m high. It is embellished with Jallis’s work. On an octagonal burial chamber, there is a single cenotaph of Humayun.The tomb stands on raised plinth that has 56 chambers.It was built by red and white sandstone. Mostly all the Delhi sultanate monuments are build by the help of red and white sandstone. The red sandstone was quarried from Tantpur near Agra and white marble from Makrana in Rajasthan.

Humayun's tomb geometrical structure
Beautiful Humayun tomb made by red and white sandstone

The Persian style tomb is surrounded by rectangular shape four garden that is strictly geometrical and divided into four walkways.The tomb lies in the middle of the garden spread across 30 acres.

Graves inside the Humayun's tomb
Humayun grave

My visit to the Humayun’s tomb

I was not able to decide where we should go. After researching about all the must-visit places in Delhi I and my friend decided to explore one and only ‘The garden tomb’ in Delhi i.e Humayun’s tomb. It was a chilly morning and after getting ready, we both went out to catch the DTC bus. This was our budget travel trip so we didn’t choose the metro 🙈. We don’t know the route via bus. We asked a shopkeeper about the bus. He told us that this number of bus will go to Humayun’s tomb. I didn’t remember the bus number. Almost about an hour, we both waited for the bus but the bus didn’t come.

Then I searched it on the Google Map and the Google Map was showing some short distance of about a km. My friend said that it’s a very short distance, we can go there on foot. Seeing the Google Map way, we start walking. After a long time, I realized that we are just crossing the roads. We both were very hungry and thirsty so, we just sit down on the side by the road. Finally, we both decided to went back.

Suddenly, a college girl came and she asked what happened? We explained to him everything that how we are strucked here. I think God has listened to us. That girl told us the way, about the bus number and whole detail that how to reach there. We thanked her and went towards our destination. Hardly we got our bus and finally and hopefully we were in front of the stunning tomb. On that we decided, not to believe blindly on Google Map 😁but overall we enjoyed it a lot.

Inside the tomb

We purchase tickets and went inside the huge stunning tomb. On the right side, I saw a blue shade tomb called Isa tomb. So first, we went towards the Isa khan tomb. It was a beautiful structure. We clicked some photos of the tomb and the garden.

While we were clicking photos one foreign tourist came towards us. He was a smart-looking person who seems to be a professional photographer. He asked me to click photos of him. He was carrying a DSLR, then I thought that should I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Without much thinking, I said, of course, Why not. Then he gave me his phone to click photos and I was thinking he will offer his DSLR 😁.

After clicking his photos, we made some videos. We saw many many couples who just came here for their pre-wedding shoot. After that, we went towards the main tomb i.e Humayun’s tomb. There are many tombs but first, we decided to see the main tomb and we skipped all the other tombs. Wow! Just Wow! What a beautiful tomb. It was just amazing.

We explored the tomb and as usual, clicked pictures. Soon, we get tired so we both rest for a time in the garden. It was 5.00 PM so, we decided to go back. We took a packet of lays from outside and stood there, waiting for our bus. I saw a board signing to Nizamuddin Dargah. Then I said to my friend Let’s go there. It was a narrow way, the shopkeeper was making meat, non-veg and we both were vegetarian. Walking in the narrow street full of hustle and bustle, we both were frightened. And just ran back😂.

Miscellaneous information

  • How to reach– It lies in the south Delhi. The nearest Railway Station is Hazzart Nizamuddin. It is 2.2 km away from the tomb. You can also opt this. The nearest Metro Station is JLN Stadium on the purple line from which Humayun’s tomb is 2 km away. From there, you can take auto. You can also go with DTC buses.
  • Ticket prices-The Humayun tomb ticket for Indians, it is Rs 35 and for foreigners it is Rs 550. The entry is free for children below the age of 15.Online ticket booking system is also available.
  • Address-The humayun’s tomb lies on the Mathura road and opposite to the Hazrat Nizzamuddin Dargah, New Delhi.

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