My visit to Qutub Minar- Tallest stunning minaret in Delhi

Qutub minar is located in the south of Delhi in Mehrauli. It is the magnificent is the tallest tower in India. Qutub Minar is named after the Delhi sultanate Qutub-din-Aibak. This five stroyed minaret is about 73 meters high. Hence, its construction was started by Qutub-din-Aibak but finished by his successor Iltutmish and further by Firoz Shah. Aibak could only complete one storey, Iltutmish added 3 storyes and further one storey by Firoz Shah. Besides the Qutub Minar, there is a mosque called as Alai Darwaza and a iron pillar in the Qutub Complex.

The magnificent qutub minar
The magnificent minar

My visit to Qutub Minar

After seeing the Humayun’s tomb, we both decided to see the magnificent Qutub Minar. Read more about Humayun’s tomb. This time we were not two but triplet .This trip to the tallest minaret was companied by Preeti Bhar and Manshi.

It was our worst decision to visit the Qutub complex in the evening time. We reached around 4:00 pm. Oh! My God, what we saw, a huge long line in the ticket section. After seeing the line strength first, we decided to went back thinking that might our turn will not come on today’s date😂. But truly speaking we were enjoying by standing in the queue. This reminds us of our school days. So, we remain there to wait for our turn.

As I have only heard that airplanes flew above the top tower of Qutub Minar continuously after 4,5 minutes and today I have seen it in reality. We stood there for 15 minutes then I saw a small garden type area beside the ticket counter. According to me, it was a nice photography area for those who loves nature. I clicked some photographs of my friends in that area. Finally, after more than 30 minutes, our turn came and we just rushed inside the complex.

night view

Inside the Qutub complex

The closing time of the Qutub complex is 6:00 pm so we have just left one and a half hours to explore and capture the beautiful site. As we entered inside, there is an entry gate in dome shape structure. As we have a little time so we just saw Qutub Minar and some devasted places. We could not see the Alai Darwaza and the iron pillar due to insufficient time. Due to the darkness, we were unable to see the real architectural beauty. Next time, I will go in the daytime so that I can explore the complete complex as well as the architectural style.

The ruins of qutub complex in evening
The ruins of qutub complex in evening

The construction of Qutub Minar

Qutub-din-Aibak was the founder of the Delhi sultanate and the first Islamic ruler of northern India. It is said that the area of the Qutub complex was covered by many Hindu temples and Jain temples. Later the Islamic ruler broke that and constructed the Qutub minar.

Architectural beauty of Qutub Minar

It has five storeys. The lowest three columns are made up of pale red sandstone and are fluted cylindrical shape. The lowest three columns are separated by flanges. The flanges are engraved with beautiful designs, carvings, and texts. The fourth column is made up of marbles and it is plain and the fifth is made up of marbles and sandstone. There are about 379 spiral staircases inside the minar but no one is allowed to go inside. The minar is tilted 65cms to vertical.

Beautiful qutub minar in night
Stunning architecture of minaret
Ruins of qutub minar complex
A piece of architecture inside the complex

Read more about the history of Qutub minar here.

Miscellaneous information about Qutub complex

  • How To Reach -It is situated in Mehrauli.You can easily reach here by auto rickshaw. The nearest Metro Station is Qutub minar on yellow line.
  • Visiting hours -It opens at 7:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm.
  • Ticket prices -The entry fees for Indians is Rs 30 and Rs 500 for foreigners.

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