An ignorant tomb in Jhajjar – Group of Tombs and Bua Wala Talab

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In the era of 16th century when Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his beloved Mumtaz mahal as the symbol of their love. The same type of love story also started in 1635 in the Jhajjar district . Bua Wala Talab and Group of tombs was made as a symbol of love.

My visit to Group of Tombs

I don’t know for how many years I wanted to see this Bua ka Talab and Group of Tombs. Finally, I visited The Group of tombs. Yesterday I and my brother went to Chinkara canteen for purchasing some household items. We have purchased all things in a very short period and the time was near about 10 A.M. It was my keen wish to see that talab as I have heard that a shot of “The Mangal Pandey” movie was done here. I requested my brother to went there but he denied it. He starts giving some silly excuses like (we have to go home) and blah blah blah! Finally, after forcing him a lot, he approved my decision. Yay! we are heading to the historical place of our district on Royal Enfield bike. Sitting on the bike full of excitement suddenly a thought struck my mind that we both don’t know where it is. You all people please don’t start thinking that we went back. No, No No, when our Google Map will work. I just put down the location and we were on the way to Group of Tombs. Hurrah! we are in front of such old and some I can say devasted tombs. So, come with me to see this tomb,talab, and their history.
I was much excited to visit here especially rejoices a lot after seeing brisk weather,vagrant clouds and splashing colors. I just stopped to take a breath, looked at this ravishing view. I closed my eyes and start listening the chirping sound of birds. Whosoever visits here, must stay silence and observe the persistence. You will love and hope in every corner of this place even in the stones.

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Bua Vala talab

Bua and Hasan love story

This love story is something different and interesting. But this time a female lover made something interesting in the memory of his lover. This story is of Bua and Hasan.
One day the daughter of Mustafa went on a horse ride. In the Jungle, a lion attacked Bua. Bua shouted for help. A woodcutter was cutting wood in the jungle whose name was Hasan. He came and helped by killing the lion. Hasan protected Bua from the lion. But by that time Bua was injured. He took injured Bua near the pond. When Bua regains consciousness, he sees Hasan in front of her. She had fallen completely in love with Hasan. When Mustafa came to know about this whole incident then he said to Hasan that he can ask him for anything for saving Bua’s life. Hasan then expresses his desire to marry Bua. Mustafa did not want to marry his daughter to the woodcutter. But Mustafa had given the words to Hasan that he would give whatever he asked for. Mustafa agrees to their marriage. Mustafa tells Hasan to stay in their army.

After enlisting in the army, Mustafa sends Hasan on a battle where Hasan dies. After hearing this news, she was shocked totally. So after his death, Bua decided to bury the body of Hasan near the pond where they often meet. Now this pond is known as Bua Hassan Talab. She often came near that pond and cried remembering Hasan. After two-three months Bua also passed away. Near the pond, some tombs were also made where the graves of Bua and Hasan were .This is all about Bua’s pond which has an incomplete love story behind it.

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Architectural beauty of tomb
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Ignorant tomb in Jhajjar

History of Jhajjar

During the war of Prithvi Raj and Gori in 1191 AD, at that time the area of ​​Jhajjar was a deep forest. In the eastern part, there was a town named Malokan where the Jats used to live. It was the most affected part due to the war. Due to such destruction, many people went to different places. There was a person named Chajju who was also a Jat. He appealed to renovate the destructed area for the inhabitants but Gori denied. He ordered that rehabilitation of the village should be done somewhere else.
The Jats here fought in the favor of Prithviraj Chauhan. Therefore, Ghori destroyed this village as their punishment in 1193. This brave ‘Chajju’ Jat had laid the foundation of this village. It was formerly known as Jhoju Nagar.

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Way towards the tomb and Talab

How to reach Bua Vala Talab and Group of Tombs

Guys if you are coming from Delhi then Jhajjar is almost 52 km away from it. You can come in Haryana roadways bus or by your own vehicle. If you are from any other city then please don’t panic, you just type Jhajjar in Google Map and you will the Jhajjar city.
After reaching Jhajjar, head your vehicle towards the Prachin Ramlila Maidan. It will easy to find the tomb as it is near the Ramlila maidan.

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