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A sensational visit to Bhindawas bird sanctuary, Haryana

Bhindawas is a small village in jhajjar district , Haryana. Many of you people haven’t even heard the name of this village. The main attractive spot in Bhindawas village is the lake and the bird sanctuary.

Bhindawas bird sanctuary is the largest wetland in Haryana. Earlier in bhindawas village, there is only a lake, and some migratory birds used to came there. So, the government converts this Bhindawas lake into Bhindawas bird sanctuary as well in 2009.They convert it to enhance the Haryana tourism and to provide a better environment for migratory birds.

Bhindawas lake

In today’s time, this sanctuary spreads over an area of near about 1000 acres. People mainly come to see the migratory birds. According to the study, this Bhindawas bird sanctuary is the home of near about 250 different types of species. Today’s time, the water hyacinth plants have destroyed the lake. They spread in the lake at a very high speed.

Bhindwas bird sanctuary

List of the birds found in Bhindawas bird sanctuary
Baar headed goose, black drongo, Blue rock pigeon, red vented bulbul, common hawk cuckoo, white-throated kingfisher, great egret,
northern pintail, ruddy shelduck, blue peafowl,Gadwall ,Common teal ,cuckoo and many more.

How to reach Bhindawas
Bhindawas is near about 64 km away from Delhi. From Delhi, you can come to the Haryana roadways bus. These buses will leave you in Jhajjar and from there you have to take another bus to Bhindawas.
It’s very complicated for the first time visitor, so better you come on your own vehicle with the help of Google Map. In between, you can also ask the way to nearby people. The people of Haryana are very helpful. So we all welcome you. So, come and explore some exciting places in the village of Haryana.

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