An Ultimate Guide to a sustainable cotton farm in Haryana

Sustainable means development without compromising the needs of future generations. In a very simple language, sustainable cotton means the cotton which is grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides. The aim of sustainable cotton is to reduce water loss, improve the health of the soil, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides. This will help in gaining trust among consumers and more profitable to farmers.

My visit to sustainable cotton farm

My cotton farm

I went to my cotton farm with my brother and sister on the Royal Enfield bike. Though I rarely go to my farms but during this lockdown, I thought why not to learn some tips for growing crops in fields.I also want to have an outlook on the beauty of nature. I felt that being a Haryanvi, I should know how crops are grown.How farmers take care of them, their cultivation, and plantation? I am not saying that if you are Haryanvi or owns a farm then you must know about cropping. Not all but mostly the farmers in Haryana are illiterate. They don’t know about modern technology, harvesting techniques, government subsidies. So it’s our responsibility to make them clear about their rights.

The fresh earth smell, chirping sounds of colorful birds, the vibrant blue sky makes feel more energetic .It can freshen every lazy person. I just wonder that I am living in such a place . The seeds of cotton have not been properly bloomed up and burst because there is time in its bursting. After walking along with the dark green shrubs, I went to the temple which is near my farm. Though that temple is very old. Near this temple and my farm, a small pahadi also exists.

My sister plucking guava from the tree

My grandmother told us that flood came in the village 1997.The whole village was flooded due to leakage in the pipe of the lake.Then mostly people came on this pahadi for saving their life because it is at a little bit high altitude. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are grown in the backyard of the temple. So, me and my sister went inside for plucking guavas.
While coming back home me and my sister came on foot because my brother has to do some work. I saw a mud pot under the shade of a huge tree.I think that is for the passerby. Some ladies were carrying grasses for their animals. It looks like a heavenly paradise in a village.

History of cotton

Didn’t you ask a question to yourself after seeing those fluffy cotton balls that who started growing, how it’s cultivation spread all over etc but I do? To know about the history of cotton I started asking my grandmother and many more old people in my village. I didn’t get the proper answer but a history teacher in my neighborhood told me everything about its history. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong but whatever information I have collected I will share with you. So here I will you about the story related to cotton.

Cotton on the branch

Well, no one is quite sure that the cotton clothes we are wearing, where it is actually originated. It is believed that cotton fabric is 7000 years old. A 3000 BC ago, cotton was grown and woven near the Indus River Valley but at the same time, natives of Egypt were wearing cotton clothes. In 1492, when Columbus discovered America then he also found cotton growing in Bahama island. It is believed that cotton seeds are grown in Florida in 1556 and Virginia in 1607.

Products made of cotton

Products made of sustainable cotton
Cotton is used for making a wide variety of items like Saree’s, napkins, shirts, T-shirts, bed sheets, summer clothing, etc.

We should also think about our future generation hence should encourage sustainable
development .Using the recycled product is also an example of sustainable development.I don’t know much about sustainable development.

Kurta made up of cotton
Handicraft item made up of cotton

If you want to know more about farmers and sustainable development then you can read read Shivya Nath blog .She is my inspiration. If you find any mistake in the blog then you can tell me in the comment section below .This is my first blog post.I you like this post then you can also read my about us page till my next post.

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