The flavor of rural Village -Nomadic tribe in Haryana

Besides the mustard farm in my village in Haryana of Jhajjar district, some people were digging sand and digging long sticks in the chilled evening. A few meters away I saw some huts covered by bushes and woods. The families have been here for the last three weeks. They were cropping vegetables in the field. After harvest is done, they sell and move from there. On the next season of harvesting, they will again come and repeat the cycle. “It’s the only way of life they know and it is their life,” A lady told me. They were nomads that came from different places, some of them were Muslims. They run their livelihood by moving here and there to cropping vegetables and selling them. They crop the vegetables in a huge quantity.

Cropping techniques used by nomadic group in the village
The cropping techniques for growing vegetables

Discovering your own village has some next level of experience. Exploring and embarking on my hometown Haryana is worth more than visiting and exploring the most visited places. I am not saying that you should not visit the most famous places, first should explore your village, town, and state. There are many places, traditions, and cultures of which people are not aware. Rather, they are very beautiful and conducive.

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Witnessing the Nomadic Group in village

As I put my foot forward on the farm, smelled the earth mixes of the aroma of soil plus water. Fountains were all around and sometimes splashes water upon us, as though in our welcome. The day was chilled and fresh air refreshes my soul. It works like an air-conditioned environment. I took a long breath to improve my lung’s efficiency. The faraway landscape was looking like a layer of mustard and green color.

Sun was setting down leaving behind the pale yellow, orange color in the sky that looks comprehensively vibrant and soothing to my eyes.

Watching the colorful farm in my village
Watching colorful farm and sky after the sunset

We reached the area of nomadic groups. All the people of that nomadic group were working hard, doing some work in the field. They were protecting their seedlings from the cold weather by covering them with plastic paper, and large stiff sticks.

Inside the Hut of nomadic group

We asked them to explore the interior of their hut. They were very polite and humble so she happily agreed. Kids were playing in the sand and that reminds me of my childhood when I also used to play in the sand but I never ate the lump of sand😉.

Exploring the nomadic group houses in my village

As we entered the hut I saw a beautiful girl, she was combing her. I said to her that can I click her photo. She was very pretty. She just stands straight so that I can capture her on the camera. I clicked pictures with other kids also, some were very shy so they run away when I want to click their snap.

Girl combing her hairs
The pretty girl was combing her hairs

They have maintained their huts very well. It was decorated with chromatic lights, some calligraphy, and artwork. The lady also showed their kitchen. I loved “chullhas” very much. It was built of sand. They have kept all things orderly and nicely.All the utensils and other material were kept in a decorative shelf. The shelf was handmade that was decorated and colored.

Decorative shelf in the hut
A decorative handmade shelf
Chullha made up of sand and mud
Chullas made up of sand and mud
Kids of nomadic tribe
Clicking pictures with the kids
Hut of nomadic group in my village
The Hut from outside of nomadic group in my village

Overall it was a nice short trip to my own village. Seeing such people makes me more cheerful. I am myself so grateful that I had witnessed the lifestyle of a nomadic group.

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