Top 5 Indian Street food of Lucknow – Places to eat in Lucknow

From mouth-watering Tundey Kabab to tasty Kulcha Nihari. Lucknow has a variety of street food to offer. The street food of Lucknow has the power to attract any non-foodie person also. The most famous street food of Lucknow is available in Chowk. Chowk is a hustling – bustling old market area in Lucknow. It starts from Gol Darwaza and ends up at Akbari Darwaza. In this context, I will tell you about some special Street food of Lucknow.

1)Tundey Kababi

Lucknow is a city of Nawabs and people are very fond of eating here. If you do not eat Tunde kababs after coming to Lucknow, then your Lucknow trip is useless. If you want to have the real taste of Tunde kebabs then Aminabad ones are best. Tunde Kabab is very famous in Lucknow. If someone coming from outside tastes the Tunday kebab once then he will never forget its taste. The best thing about Tundey Kababi is that all the ingredients and spices are home-made and have a secret recipe.

There is an interesting and amazing story related to ‘Tundey Kabab’. When the Nawab started getting old, they thought that what should they eat so that they don’t have to chew their teeth. And people without teeth could also eat them. So the Nawab summoned all the cooks from the city and asked them to make such a soft thing so that their teeth would not suffer. So, a man called Haji Murrad Ali made a very soft Kabab for the Nawab. He liked them very much and Tundey won the competition.

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Tundey kabab with Rumali roti

As he was a one- handed man so the Kawab made by him called as ‘Tundey kabab‘. And that’s how Tundey Kabab got it’s name. In our local language the person with only one hand ,we used to call him ‘Tunda ‘. He used to cut onions so fast with one hand that a two-handed human being could not cut onions so fast as he used to chop with one hand.

Galwati Kabab is the most famous Kababs. A party of Papaya is added, it is used as a softening agent as well as it helps in indigestion. Rather than Papaya, nearly about 150 ingredients are also added. It is said that the spices which are added to it do not have any side effects. It helps us in indigestion and acidity. On eating the kebab, it melts in the mouth like butter. It is so soft that a non-veg eater cannot tell that it is non-veg. For non-veg eaters, Tunde Kabab is like paradise for them.

Address of the shop – Naaz cinema road, Aminabad Market, Lucknow

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Workers busy in preparation of Tundey Kabab

2)Basket Chaat at Royal Cafe

You must have eaten chaats in many places and all have their own way of making. But the owner of the Royal Cafe whom people called him ‘The Chat King’ with love. His real name is Hardyal Maurya. His way of making chaat is very different. He says that he loves making chat and feeding people. When people eat their handmade chat and they like it a lot then he says that his life is succeeding.

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The delicious Basket chaat

A basket chaat is served in a basket made by smashing the potatoes. These smashed potatoes are put up in basket shape bowl and fried in the oil to get a bowl-shaped basket. Yay! the basket is ready. A combination of crushed potatoes chips, peas, pomegranate, a lot of curds, namkeen, spicy masalas are added and served with Hajmola. The size of the basket of chaat is very much large so Hajmola is also given as it will help in digesting the basket chaat.

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The Royal Cafe at night

Address– opposite Shara ghanz mall, Shahnajaf road, Hazratganz Lucknow

3)Sardarji ke Mashor Chole Bhature

We all have eaten Chole Bhauture. It is one of a favorite dishes. Whenever I go anywhere, I always try to eat Chole Bhature. If you want to have the same taste of Punjabi Chole Bhature as in Lucknow then Sardar Ji Chole Bhature is the best. Here, you can experience the authentic delicacy of Punjab with Sardarji Chole Bhature.

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Sardarji in his shop

Sardar Ji after completing his engineering, he went to Faridabad for a job. After retiring from the job, Sardarji decided to open Chole Bhature shop. Sardarji prepares the spices by himself. After eating Chole Bhature, don’t forget to taste the Sooji ka Halwa. Halwa is made up of pure deshi ghee and dry fruits are sprinkle over it.

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The tasty and yummy Chole Bhature

Address – Trilokinath Marg, Lalbagh, near Novelty cinema, Lucknow. Many shops are opened in the name of Sardarji Chole Bhature. So, be aware you are going to the real “Sardarji ke Mashur Chole Bhature”.

4)Rahim ka Nihari Kulcha

This shop is located in a narrow lane in Akbari gate, Chowk. The Nihari is a thick flavored meat gravy that is served with Kulcha. This Kulcha is made up of milk, water, ghee and aroma of keshar is added. The Nihari is traditionally a breakfast dish.

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The tasty Nihari Kulcha

Address – Phool wali Gali, Akbari gate, Chowk, Lucknow.

5)Idrees ki Biryani

The real taste of Lucknow lies in the streets, not in the multiplex hotels. One such street food is Biryani. Idrees Biryani is a 45 years old shop in Chowk. Today it is run by Abu Bark, the third generation of his family. Here, you will get Mutton, Mutton Korma, Mutton biryani. The mutton is perfectly cooked. The rice used for Biryani is Kada Basmati. We all know that Hyderabadi Biryani is a world-famous biryani but when you will try the Lucknowi biryani, surely you will be surprised.

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Idrees Biryani shop

Address – opp to Patanala police station, Chowk, Lucknow.

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The legends of Bhool Bhulaiya in Lucknow

If you are a hygienic person then somewhat you may be disappointed by the street food. But believe me foreigners love the street food of Lucknow. If you have any suggestions then you can write down in the comment section below.

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