The story behind abundant Kuldhara village in Jaisalmer – A haunted village

Often we all have heard ghost stories from our grandparents. During my childhood, I was also fond of listening to interesting ghost stories. So my grandmother narrates the ghost stories to me, made by herself. As far as my interest developed in ghost stories. Here, in this blog, I will tell you about such a haunted story of an abundant Kuldhara village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Kuldhara is a cursed village that was completely evacuated in one night.

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Abundant khuldhra village

History of abundant Kuldhara village

About 200 years ago, Paliwal Brahmins used to live in Kuldhara village. The Diwan of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh used to collect heavy taxes from the habitants of Kuldhara village.
One day when Salim Singh saw the daughter of the local chief then he put his willingness to marry that girl as he sets eye on the girl. The girl was very beautiful and at the first sight, he just comprehensively falls in love with her beauty. He wanted to marry that girl either by hook or crook. So, he warned the villagers that if they don’t agree with his statement then he will destroy the whole village and kill everyone.

He gave the villagers about 24 hours deadline to complete his condition. They all were very frightened and thinking about what to do next? On one side they don’t want to marry their daughter to such a cruel inhuman person and on the other side, they were scared of him. Finally, the whole community decided to leave the village before the completion of 24 hours.

The Paliwal Brahmins met at the village chaupal.Then more than 5000 families decided to leave their princely state for their self esteem.That night the whole Khuldara village along with other 84 villages evacuated completely. Before leaving the village, the community cursed the village that whosoever wants to inhabitant the village again, they will be destroyed.

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Ruin of village

From that day, no one tried to live here. It is still a mystery to everyone where the villagers went within a night.Today this adundant Kuldhara village has been completely ruined. It is said that this entire village is deserted till date.The village also has a temple and a stepwell which is cursed till date.People say that sounds come from here after dusk.They believe that those voices reflect the pain of all villagers.

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Beautiful temple in the village

It is said that while leaving the village, the villagers were in a very hurry. So, they leave everything as it is and their precious items too in the village. Many people have come in to dig out them but nothing finds out. No one knows whether Kuldhara story is true or false.

So, do you think Kuldhara village is haunted? Come and see if this abundant village is ghosty or not.You can read more about kuldhara village history here.

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The entry gate of Kuldhara village

How to reach Kuldhara village?

Kuldhara village is situated at a distance of 17 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. There is not any transportation system to reach Kuldhara so you have to go via your vehicle. Don’t worry, the roads are in very well maintained condition.

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