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An Introduction to Rajasthan’s traditional dress

We all know that Rajasthan is a richly diverse state. People traveling in Rajasthan are fascinated by Rajasthani food, Rajasthani dress, and festivals. People in Rajasthan still wear their traditional Rajasthan’s dress. The chromatic and charismatic Rajasthan traditional dress is preferred by foreign people too.
When I go to my Masi home which is near Neemrana then I get a chance to see colorful outfits. My masi wear traditional dresses only on some occasions. In Rajasthan, there are still some places where people were their traditional outfits. In this blog, here I will tell you about Rajasthan’s traditional dress for men and women both.

Rajasthan’s traditional dress for women

Rajasthan’s traditional dress for women is Ghagra, Cholis, and Odhani. Choli is also known as Kanchli or Kurti.

Ghagra is a type of long-skirt but pleated. Ghagra is very colorful which may be embroidered, printed, or plane. It is made up of different fabrics like silk, cotton,
georgette. Women prefer Gotta work on their ghagra which is famous work in Jaipur to have an elegance look. Ghagra is worn with choli. Women wear Ghagra over Kurtis to have a modern look. Some women wear traditional Ghagra in their weddings which are made of prints like Mothra and Leheriya.

In modern language, we can say that Choli is a type of crop top but of different styles. To have a traditional look, choli is embellished with embroidered work, glasswork, beads, shells, etc.

The next stuff of Rajasthan’s traditional dress is Odhani. Odhani is basically a dupatta that comes with different antiques embroidered and zari work. Nowadays young girls wear simple suits with a heavy embroidered Odhani or dupatta. Women wear Odhani along with ghagra and choli. It is custom to wear it with Rajasthan’s traditional dress on every auspicious occasion. It is approximately 2.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide.

Women wearing ghagra and choli
Women wearing ghagra, choli

Women traditional accessories

Women are very fond of jewelry. Here I will tell you some Rajasthan’s traditional accessories. You may try it once. Really they are very beautiful. Some of them are Choker, Rakhri, Nath, etc.

Women in Rajasthan wear Chura on the wrist. Rajasthani Chura is very famous all over. They wear rings both in the nose and toe. The nose ring is called nath whereas toe ring is called bichiyas. Women wear a choker necklace which is known as Timaniyaan in Rajasthani language and Rakhri for their forehead. Rani harr is also very famous which is worn around the neck. It is a long necklace.

Tribal group women prefer to wear mainly brass, metal, jewelry. Literally speaking they look very attractive after wearing these items. In my village, yesterday a lady come to sell turmeric, jeera, garlic, etc. She was from a tribal group in Rajasthan. She was wearing a traditional dress and jewelry. She was looking very pretty. This is all about Rajasthan’s traditional for women. In the same series, I will tell you about Men’s traditional dress of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s traditional dress for men

The Rajasthan’s traditional dress for men is the Dhoti, pyjama, and pagri.
Dhoti is bottom wear which is wrapped around waist several times between legs. They wear Angarkha which covers the chest. Mainly rich people wear it but some of the communities wear it on special occasions. Wealthy people wear long angarkha whereas tribal groups wear short angarkha. They also wear Pyjamas. Pyjama is a long pant that is paired with kurta. It is below the knee in length.

Rajasthani people wear pagri as a symbol of their respect. Pagri is a turban or headgear. There are two types of pagris. One is safas which are worn on the wedding occasion. The second one is rustic which is worn by on an everyday basis. Pagri comes in different colors, printed, glasswork handicrafts work are also embellished on it.

So here I am dropping my pen. This is all about Rajasthan’s traditional dress for men and women. In the next blog, I will tell you about Rajasthan’s traditional music. If you like this blog then you can also have a look at my previous blog i.e An ultimate guide to sustainable cotton farm.

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