The Gadisar lake of Jaisalmer -“Oasis in heart of desert”

The Gadisar Lake is an artificial lake constructed by the first ruler of Jaisalmer, Raja Rawal Jaisal in the southern part of the city. Later, it was rebuilt by Maharaja Garisisar Singh. It is surrounded by many temples, ghats, carved chattris Once it was the only source of water in Jaisalmer. That’s why it has very historical importance. If you want to spend some time alone then you should sit here, stay silent, and feel the persistence of nature. The view of Jaisalmer Fort from Gadisar lake is jaw-dropping. So, let’s feel the breathtaking view by reading the blog further.

Who built Gadisar lake?

The lake was built by Raja Rawal Jaisal, the Rajput ruler of Jaisalmer in the 14th century. It was named after Maharaja Gadsi Singh who renovated it. Many Chatteris, temples make this lake even more beautiful and eye-catching. The calmness of the lake makes it perfect for boating and photography.

It was constructed to store water but later was used to supply the water to the whole city.At that time water was a scare source so the ruler made this lake to fulfill the needs of people. You can read more about the history of lake here.

Entry gate of gadisar lake
The Tilon Gate near the lake

Things to do at Gadisar lake

1)Boat Riding – Boating is one of the utmost and most carried out activities. There are many Chattris in middle of the lake upon which migratory birds used to sit. You can watch them from near in the boat and watching that view is really breathtaking. During sunset the Chattris and lake become golden that looks very eye-catching. Such views cannot be described in words so better you once in your life should come to witness such view.

Gadisar lake
Boats near the bank of Gadisar lake

2)Feeding the fishes in gadisar lake
You will see fishes near the bank of lake. You can feed them via biscuits,rice etc.

Fishes near the bank of gadisar lake
Fishes near the bank of lake

3)Capturing the view of Jaisalmer Fort
Seeing the Jaisalmer Fort from here in morning is very blissful moment because when sunrays falls on the Fort then it looks shiny and glorifying from the lake. The sunset as well as sunrise looks very mesmerizing from here. If you are photocholic then it will be a Bliss place for you.

The mesmerizing view of Gadisar lake

4)Bird watching at Gadisar lake
If you are coming in winters then many migratory birds come from Bharatpur sanctuary and sit along the bank of the river. If you are birds lover like me then sitting along the bank and watching the birds is really a joyful moment.

How to reach the lake?

Gadisar lake is 2km away from Railway Station so you can easily come in auto or cab. As it is located near the Jaisalmer Fort so you can come on foot from the Fort but if you are far away from the Fort then you can take an auto.

1)By train – Jaisalmer Railway Station is 1.5km away from the lake. This station is well connected with the big cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, etc.
2)By Road – if you want to come via road then you can also come in Rajasthan roadways buses from the main city like Jaipur and nearby. The roads are well connected.
3)By Air- The Jaisalmer airport is 13 km away from Gadisar lake. It is connected with Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. After reaching the airport you can come by taxi to Gadisar lake.

Best time to visit Gadisar lake

If you are planning to visit Gadisar lake then I must tell you that the best time to visit is November to April. In these months temperature is stable according to the journey. As it is a deserted area so in summer temperature rises high so the beginning of winter is the best time to visit Jaisalmer.

Places to visit near Gadisar lake

If you want to visit some nearby places of Gadisar lake then here is the list.

1)Jaisalmer Fort
2)Kuldhara village
3)Sam dunes
4)Patwaon ki Haveli
5)Jain temple
6)Salem Singh ki haveli
7)Tanot Mata temple
8)Vyas Chatri
9)Bada Bagh
10)Khaba Fort

Visitors information

Entry fees – Free
Boating Timing – 8.00AM to 8.00PM
Boating price – Row boat – 10 Rs, Paddle boat – 50Rs ,Shikhara – 100 for 30 minutes

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