Unknown facts about Om Banna Temple that you don’t know

India is a diversely rich cultural country. It is famous across the country for its variations. It is the place where you will see that along with deities, plants and animals are also worshipped. Surprisingly, animals are also worshiped with the same adoration. There are many temples in India. They all have their own beliefs and different structure, architect. Many foreigners mainly come to India to see the elegant beauty of the temples of India.

You must have seen many temples. In the temple, people install idols of God. They worship and worship. But have you heard that people have installed a motorcycle in a temple? Yes, you heard right, where you install a motorcycle and worship it. I also felt strange to hear why a motorcycle in the temple?

There is such a temple in the Pali district of Jodhpur in Rajasthan i.e Om Banna Temple. It is also known as bullet Baba temple. You must be surprised by hearing the name Bullet. Yes, it is right. This bullet is what you guys drive. You must have felt strange to hear this name because you would not have heard the name of such a temple before!

Om singh Rathore

Let me tell you in detail about the story behind Om Banna temple and why it is called as Om Banna temple. Why is a motorcycle is installed in a temple?

Where is Om Banna temple?

Om Banna temple is located in the Pali district near Jodhpur. It is situated near Chotila village which is 20 km away from Pali and 50 km away from Jodhpur on the Pali-Jodhpur highway. Every day hundreds of people pray for their safe journey. For the last 28 years, people have been worshipping the Om Banna motorcycle i.e 350 Royal Enfield whose number is 7773.

Om Banna Temple

Om Banna’s mysterious story!

The original name of Om Banna is ‘Om Singh Rathore’ who belongs to the Rajput family. It It is the story of 1988 when Om Banna was returning from his in-laws to his village Chotila on his bike. On the way, he lost control of his bike and it crashed into a tree. He died on the spot.

Then the police took the motorcycle to the police station. But no one had thought about what happened the next morning. The next day the motorcycle was missing from the police station. When the police investigated, the motorcycle was found at the same place where the accident took place. Then people thought that maybe someone has joked or someone may have done it intentionally.

Bullet of Om Banna

Police then took the motorcycle to the police station. They tied it with an iron chain and emptied its fuel. But the next day this same incident happened again. The motorcycle disappeared from the police station and was found at the place of the accident.

When locals came to know, they built a temple dedicated to Om Banna that is known as Om Banna Temple and Bullet Baba temple.From then onwards people started to consider this place as sacred and started worshiped here.

People say that after coming here, their wishes are fulfilled. People consider him to be God. They also offer alcohol bottle. Mainly all the travelers who passes near the temple, stop their vehicles in the honour of Bullet Baba. You can also read more about Om Banna story here.

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How to reach Om Banna Temple

1)By air – The nearest airport to Bullet baba temple is Jodhpur airport that is 53km away. After reaching Jodhpur you can hire a taxi to reach the temple.
2)By train – You can directly take train to Pali junction. It is about 22Km away from the Railway Station. From there you can take a auto or cab.
3)By Road– it is located on National highway 62 that is easily accessible.

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