My visit to extraordinary Seven Wonders park of kota

The Seven wonders park of Kota is the place where all the replicas of the Seven wonders of the world are formed. Everyone would like to see the seven wonders of the world. But hardly anyone will have this much money, they can see the seven wonders. So don’t worry, I will introduce you to seven wonders in one place. Yes! you have heard it right, Seven wonders of the world in one place. That place is no other than Kota city of Rajasthan. Human creatures had made the replicas of seven wonders of the world in Kota in one place. The Great Pyramid of Giza, miniatures of Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Leaning Tower of Pisa, New York statue of liberty, Rome’s Colosseum, and Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer are made. It is the most famous tourist spot in Kota.

From hostel to Seven Wonders Park

I went to the Seven Wonders park with my Kotaites mate i.e Manita, Priyanka, and Tanika. We went to celebrate Manita’s birthday. As it was a birthday celebration so we were very excited. We wore classy clothes with attractive hairstyles. We went out of the hostel and took an auto. A cool cold breeze was coming from the autorickshaw and my hairstyle got spoiled. Truly speaking, I had made such a nice hairstyle for the first time and got spoiled by the gust of wind😉.

Another reason for my avidness was that it was the first time where I was going outside from the hostel in Kota for enjoying. I got my hairstyle perfectly done as soon as I got off the auto. We took our tickets from the counter, I was shocked to see it was just Rs 10.

As we entered inside What we saw, just imagine!. I just can’t express my feelings with words. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Seven wonders park of Kota. First time I have seen such a park with world-famous historical monuments inside it. It seems like historical monuments are sleeping and enjoying in nature’s lap.

As I was putting my steps forward then suddenly I saw a source of waterbody besides the park, just at the corner of the park and it was Kishor Sagar Talab. It was just fabulous, gusty chilled waves of winds were coming from the Kishor Sagar Talab.

Kishor sagar talab, kota
The kishor sagar talab at the bank of Seven wonders park

Replicas of Seven Wonders of the World

All the seven wonders of the world are made in a very good and comely way. The history of each monument is written on a board besides that wonder. It was like a heavenly paradise of the world that resides inside the Kota city of Rajasthan. I have never witnessed or embarked that Kota has such a vibrant and chromatic place for students to enjoy.

Eiffel Tower of Paris in seven wonders park of kota
Eiffel Tower of Paris

Though we all know Kota is an education hub and students face much study pressure as well as stress. This is one of such places that helps to remove the extra overload pressure of the mind. Because it is such a beautiful place that can refreshen our state of mind. Just come and feel the persistence by sitting silently. You all people will surely like this place. I will recommend all the Kotaites to visit the Seven wonders park once.

Taj Mahal replica inside the seven wonders park of kota
The Taj Mahal replica inside the seven wonders park of kota
Seven wonders park of kota
Another monument inside the park

The delicious food

After seeing all the monuments, we felt hungry so we went inside the canteen to eat something delicious. There is a canteen inside the park so foodie need not worry. All types of eatables from hot yummy Masala Maggie to Spicy Chinese noodles, cold chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc flavor ice-cream to hot juicy Jalebi. Overall you will see all types of items. We ordered noodles and a cold drink. The noodles were very spicy so I just go with a cold drink.

Some people were enjoying boating in the Kishor Sagar Talab but as soon as we went for boating than the boating time was over. It was our bad luck. If you want to do boating so ensure that you must go before 5:00 pm to the boating area. All the monuments shine at night and it looks like a shiny, glossy chromatic environment. Orange, blue, red, white, and different shiny colors vibrate from the seven wonders.

Night view of kishor sagar talab, Seven wonders  park of kota
The night view of colorful Kishor sagar talab
Seven wonders park of kota
The night view of another wonder

Coincidentally that, it was the Janmashtami festival. After exploring the seven wonders park, we were going outside back to the hostel. While going back I saw a small temple near the park so we went inside. The man who was sitting inside the temple told us about Geeta Bhawan temple. He told us that on Janmastmi a huge beautiful festival is celebrated. So, we went to see the elegant festival of Janmashtami. It was just amazing, the whole temple was decorated with chromatic lightening. The whole story of Lord Shri Krishna was depicted with the help of statues, photos, and audio. Overall it was very pretty. I purchased a flute from there.

It was one of my memorable trip with my friends.

How to reach Seven wonders park of Kota

Kota is 251 km away from Jaipur city. It is well connected through Railway tracks. Kota junction is the most famous Railway Station in Kota. The park is located at a distance of 2.6 km away from the Kota junction.

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