Exploring the hidden paradise in Dehradun – The Shikhar Falls

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Hey there, I am dropping my blog from Dehradun. I just can’t wait for you to see how manifesting, adoring it is. It is the place where I can hear my breath. When I ask someone to recommend me some peaceful places to visit in Dehradun, they just say Shikhar falls! ,Shikhar falls! with full of excitement. Seeing those people in such enthusiasm, I was also filled with full of excitement. Hope you all have also filled yourself with this much desire to come here. So, let’s begin our trek to Shikhar falls, a hidden paradise in Dehradun.It is located in the Kairwaan village of Dehradun.It is also one of the offbeat place in Dehradun

A hidden gem -The Shikhar falls

Though after staring at cloudy hills from the window, I thought to went outside for refreshing myself. Whenever I feel dizzy and sad I just went out under the shade of vagrant clouds, nature surrounded by greenery and aroma. The aromatic smell of nature’s land gives me a brisk pleasure.

Beautiful waterfall ,splashing water

There is a trek of about 0.5 km to reach the Shikhar falls. There is free advice for the foodie ones that you should eat less in the morning as you have come on a trek, so don’t let in your hunger in between your trek to the Shikhar falls😉. Don’t worry you will spot Maggie point in between the trek. Having a hot masala cheesy Maggie in such an environment is overall a blessing. Don’t let yourself lag in tasting the hot -hot masala Maggie.

Enjoying Masala Maggie
Way to the Shikhar falls

On the way to the trek, you will feel fresh cold air striking your face. Surrounded by the lush green environment, this waterfall can awake the mood of anyone. After walking 0.5km, finally, you will see the beautiful waterfall. The mesmerizing view of falling water from uphills, striking through the green bushes, plants, flowers is eye-catching. There is one waterfall downside where mainly the family group visits. There are many small-small waterfalls on the upside that are the favorite ones of youngsters.You will notice many large stones on the way to upside waterfall. So, you have to be careful. Don’t forget to wear good quality shoes.

Thrilling things to do at Shikhar falls

  • Trekking– I think trekking is the most adventurous thing as it measures our capacity. It also promotes our adrenaline rush. Trekking in such a narrow area for short distance will surely be a thrilling thing for you.
  • Sightseeing– If you have ever smell the new books, how does it smell? Just think and answer it yourself. Same like how a freshen land smells, you can smell it here.

Miscellaneous tips

  1. You should carry a good quality shoes.
  2. Apply sunscreen on your body.
  3. Carry emergency kit, as may be needed in emergency situation.

How to reach?

It is about 13 km away from Dehradun. You can hire a bike or may use your vehicle. Dehradun is well connected to many big cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Shimla,Chandigarh via roads. So, you can easily come here by road transportation. Railway transportation is very cheap and it is suitable also.

As I have shared on my about me page that why I started travel blogging. So just to find out my inner soul, the real me, what I want from my life, I just start writing what I think about anyplace, about any person, our history, culture and damn pretty sure. To embark on others’ life, I just write and will never it till “Jab Tak Hein Jaan”.

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